PHOTOS / RECAP : The Devil Makes Three @ The Fox 10/5

PHOTOS / RECAP : The Devil Makes Three @ The Fox 10/5

~(Words by Zach Schwartz)~
“If there’s one thing that won’t keep us Coloradans pent up at home it’s a little bit
of bad weather, especially when there’s live music involved. I still had to stifle my
surprise though when I arrived at Boulder’s Fox Theater last Friday amidst a light
cascade of snow and a below-freezing temperature, only to step into a line trailing
halfway down the block. Leave it to none other than quick-pickin’ acoustic trio The
Devil Makes Three to garner a crowd of diehard folkies willing to brave hell or high
water for a chance to catch them play. In fact, I think a few fans were ready and
willing to make a deal with the Devil himself just to get ahold of tickets to the sold
out show.

Once I stepped inside and outfitted myself at the bar with the necessary whiskey
blanket, it didn’t take long for the venue to fill to the brim. Opener John Fullbright
had the crowd warmed up almost immediately; it isn’t often that a one-man band
equipped solely with a guitar, harmonica, and microphone can hold the attention
of an already restless full house, but Fullbright managed this feat with the skill and
poise of an accomplished singer-songwriter. Though leaning more to the traditional
side of the folk music spectrum, Fullbright’s modern take on the protest song
is anything but formulaic. I highly recommend checking out his songs “Jericho”
and “Fat Man” if you want a taste of what this guy is really all about.

The set break saw an inundation of rowdy fans bum rushing the bar, without a
doubt hoping to fill their empty cups with just one last round of JD before DM3
got underway. But it wasn’t the liquor talking when the band took to the stage,
welcomed by the clamorous whoops and stomps of what seemed like the entire
In no time at all the headliner delved into their set, starting off with “Beneath
the Piano” and from there commenced to breeze through songs, rarely stopping
to give pause in between. A few choice bits from the frenetic folk punkers’ show
included “Johnson Family,” “All Hail,” and one of my personal favorites “For Good
Again.” And as anticipated, the band played a bewitching rendition of “Old Number
Seven,” whose sinfully catchy chorus had the whole theater slurring along in
seventh heaven.

The threesome wrapped up the show on high with an encore performance of “Do
Wrong Right,” the perfect closing number for a night filled with some good old-
fashioned dancing and debauchery. Needless to say, the show was well worth
enduring the bitter October cold, and I know I’m not the only one who would do it
all over again given to the opportunity. That said, let’s pray it’s a bit on the warmer
side next time the Devil decides to roll on in to town.”

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Joseph Smith is a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as an editor/writer/photographer for LMB CO.

You can follow him on twitter at @JosephS89.

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