PHOTOS / RECAP : Vaski @ Beta 10/5

PHOTOS / RECAP : Vaski @ Beta 10/5

As an avid concert goer, I usually have a hard time picking between shows when more than one artist comes into town on the same night. Between Adventure Club, who I caught at Global this summer, and Vaski, who I hadn’t seen since last summer, the choice was obvious. Vaski has some of the hardest hitting bass in the business and I couldn’t miss out on hearing how he’s developed his sound since I saw him last.

I showed up early to catch Colorado’s own Dirt Monkey and Ishe who enthusiastically entertained the lack of crowd at the time, dropping everything from old remixes to new favorites. As the club kept on filling up slowly, the two dj’s switched back and forth previewing some unheard tracks. It was really cool to watch them do the “versus” style dj set, taking turns on the tables and turn by turn blasting out more and more trap. By the time midnight struck, the club was fairly full and it was pretty clear that trap was on everybody’s mind that night. While closing up their set, Trinadad-born Juakali hopped on stage and mc’d through the close of their set with Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” which got everyone screaming. Amongst the excited chaos, a dark hooded figure came out on stage and everyone’s excitement level rose to the ultimate high.

If there’s one thing 22 year old Vaski doesn’t lack, it’s style. Once finished with setting up his equipment, he took off his hoodie to show off his classic white dress shirt and black tie attire. Without hesitation, the bass heavy tracks filled the space with excited cheers and head bobbing figures. Flosstradamus’ Original Don remix transgressed Vaski’s classic heavy dubstep style into a trap filled segment which the crowd could just not get enough of. There were several kids in the front row yelling “MORE TRAP” and trying to get Vaski’s attention with their requests typed out on their phones. I’m not sure if the response the kid got was a smile or a smirk, but he seemed happy with what followed for the remainder of the night. I was a little disappointed to not hear some of my favorite classics from him but he busted out lots of current hits like “Insane ft. Ava” and “Take Me There” which satisfied everyone in the house.

As the life of the party, most artists boast Grey Goose bottles on stage but Vaski could be seen chugging coconut water all night long. His sound is completely his own, he knows exactly how to bring the house down, and he looks absolutely snazzy on stage… what more could you ask for (besides maybe hearing your favorite track)? He’s been holding his ground for a while now with his popularity always rising, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him and catching another one of his shows sometime soon.
(Article and Photos by Sarka Rybar)

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Joseph Smith is a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as an editor/writer/photographer for LMB CO.

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