PHOTOS / RECAP : Skylab 2012 Mission Blackout

PHOTOS / RECAP : Skylab 2012 Mission Blackout

Our coverage of Global Dance Festival may have painted it as the craziest EDM event of the summer but Skylab may have given it a run for its money! Check out our Recap from LMB CO contributor Sarka Rybar!

‘This years’ Skylab was huge. Triad Dragons gave attendees an earful of bass, stunning visuals, and eclectic, balls-to-the-wall performances, resulting in Mission Blackout being a complete Mission Success. As I bounced around from stage to stage it was clearly visible how much effort and design was put into this event. There was no shortage of dancers, lasers, hoopers, and costumes which accented the out-of-this world inflatable planets that hung over the main floor and the over-the top lighting design around the venue. The three stages were each grandiose in their own right with the main acts owning an huge UFO-like production on the main floor rigged with leds, lasers and steam jets. The Reload Propulsion Lab, which featured mainly hard hitting dubstep artists, had bass so heavy you could feel it in your gut from the very back of the crowd, while the Sub.mission orbiter, which showcased primarily local up and coming dj’s, was placed in a high traffic hallway, giving some of the smaller names a great chance to be heard.

We started things off on the main stage with Zedd as he previewed some well received new tracks, busted out a few Knife Party hits, and surprised the crowd by dropping Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out”, during which there was not a single standing soul in the arena. I have always thought Zedd was an incredible producer, and found myself wishing he would drop more original stuff in his set to really make it his own, but I suppose it was still early in the night and maybe he wanted to save some ‘show-stopping’ power for the later acts.

Up next we got a little dubsex from Borgore, who was getting everybody to sing along to his newest track “Decisions” which features former teeny bopper Miley Cyrus. Despite the absolutely horrible acoustics in the warehouse-like room containing the side stage, all were content to let their ears bleed as they bounced around the room to the barrage of bass heavy hits. I later spotted Borgore around the venue with an inflatable sex-doll being followed by several scantily clad females fans, no doubt looking for the after-party. It must be nice to be the sex symbol of dubstep.

Gareth Emery took to the main stage next with a set of his own electro house bangers including a heavy remix of Darude’s “Sandstorm”. Gareth may not fit in with the popular producers of today but he definitely kicks ass as a straight up house DJ. An event like Skylab felt like a home base for acts like Gareth and I would happily see him again in the right context. We stopped briefly at the side stage again to see Andy C drop some massive D&B tracks but quickly made for the exit as the excitable crowd was heating the room up well beyond comfortable levels and a cool-down period was desperately needed.

Golden child Porter Robinson was next and he wasted no time getting down to the nitty gritty with a slew of bangin’ original tracks. Once he had the crowd going completely bonkers, he strayed from his own music a bit and even dropped a few heavy trap hits (much to my excitement). With the popularity of trap music growing so rapidly, I was expecting to hear just about every artist there dropping at least one or two trap tracks, but it seemed the crowd was quite content dropping their booties and flashing their bass faces to Flosstradamus’ remix of Original Don. Porter’s set was put together beautifully and even after a minor, possibly intended sound glitch, he left all of the fans wanting more.

Overall the event can be summed up as ‘impressive’. Triad Dragons throw one heckuva party and for the money, I don’t think you can find production value like that anywhere. Their next event is Hallowfreaknween ft. Bingo Players, R3hab, and Mord Fustang, an event which won’t be as big but with the costume factor, will likely be just as much of a spectacle. Don’t forget to check out our gallery and leave us a comment or two below! Peace, Love, and Global Dance!

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Joseph Smith is a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as an editor/writer/photographer for LMB CO.

You can follow him on twitter at @JosephS89.

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