PREVIEW: 2nd Annual River Beats Festival at State Bridge 7/27 & 7/28

Mark your calendars for the last week in July for a festival in the mountains. State Bridge is bringin’ back River Beats, a festival celebrating diversity in electronic music. Headliners include both the first and latest additions to Pretty Lights music, Michal Menert and Eliot Lipp respectively. Also on the lineup are San Francisco’s, Ana Sia, spacey dubsteppers KnightRiderz and Samples, Boulder jamtronica newcomers Sunsquabi, and many more.

State Bridge is tucked away in the Rocky Mountains about half and hour north of Vail. For those lucky enough to make it out there for this two day camping festival, make sure you don’t miss out on the beautiful Radium Springs (hot springs about 20 minutes down the road from the venue). They’re a little tricky to find, but well worth it upon arrival. If you can’t make it all the way out in the mountains for this two day camping festival then be sure to hit up the official River Beats pre-party at Cervantes’ in Denver. The pre-party is on July 26th and features Eliot Lipp, Ana Sia, KnightRiderz, Samples, Mike Pinto, SuperDre and a very special Herbie Hancock Tribute feat. members of the Motet!

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